Wyzelink Partners.

Deploy with ease by working directly with one of Wyzelink’s partner organizations.

Our Reseller Partners

Authorized Wyzelink Resellers are experts in their respective fields and can offer tailored advice and services for each specific industry. Wyzelink resellers are trained to provide customers with support from the on-boarding process through future expansion and can offer value-add products and services that are complementary to the Wyzelink portfolio.

As we grow, we are looking to add resellers in different geographies.

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Our Technology Partners

Technology partners are the backbone of Wyzelink’s ecosystem strategy. We strive to provide an easily accessible platform that integrates seamlessly into our partner’s products and services to offer a complete solution for our customers. Our current technology partners include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and a leading telematics platform.

We are constantly looking for new technology partners to enhance our ecosystem.

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