Safer and better
informed facilities.

Learn how Wyzelink makes it easier for you to connect everything and everyone together in your facilities. The result is a safer and better informed work environment.

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Wyzelink’s workflow automation platform makes it easy to track key assets, log people’s time and tasks, improve safety and much more.

Seamless, scalable and easy to deploy.

Wyzelink is the seamless, scalable solution you can easily deploy. With minimal hardware, Wyzelink will outfit your facility with geofenced gateways and beacons to provide tracking for your assets, equipment and employees, providing real-time updates as projects are completed.

For on-site safety, Wyzelink’s NearAware™ solution offers indoor location capabilities and proximity detection that can be used for collision and accidence avoidance. In one example, every WyzeBeacon™-equipped worker within 15 feet of an active forklift triggers a visual and audio alarm for the operator. The worker’s WyzeBeacon™ would also sound an audio warning.



WyzeBeacon™ and WyzeTracker™ devices



NearAware™ real-time safety alerts

Man backing up forklift in warehouse

Improve workplace safety with proximity detection that can be used for collision and accidence avoidance.

Easy to deploy and scale to your needs

Worker scanning inventory in warehouse

Get your geofenced work site up and running using only WyzeBeacons™ and a Bluetooth®-enabled device.

Visibility to your entire supply chain

Products and tools on racks in warehouse

Real-time information and data analytics makes your organization more efficient and productive.

* Wyzelink’s Asset WyzeTracker™ is currently in development. Protoype shown.