We’re in the Business
of the Internet of
People and Assets.

Data is good, but actionable information is what makes the difference.

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Many industries operate in information rich environments but much of that data isn't collected at all, or is done so manually, leading to inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

Game changing technology.

Wyzelink is a SaaS based process and workflow automation platform for the construction, logistics, and manufacturing industries. We offer game changing technology that automates manual processes and workflows, and provides insights to make businesses more efficient, productive and safe.

We combine wireless sensors with machine learning and big data analytics to make sense of the vast amounts of data available on any given work site. This automates timesheets, job costing as well as optimizes the utilization of tools and equipment. These smart devices can also improve on-site safety, with advanced sensors for fall detection, panic button and collision avoidance.

Wyzelink beacons with Wyzecost interface on laptop

Who We Are

Wyzelink was founded by serial entrepreneurs and technology executives: Elie Makhoul and Brian Barry. As a team, they bring their collective expertise together in order to solve key operational and productivity shortfalls in the very large construction and industrial industries.

Portrait of Elie Makhoul

Elie Makhoul, CTO

Elie, an inventor, a rocket scientist and mechanical engineer, has had multiple exits as CTO and VP of Technology. Over the past few years, Elie has spent time in hard hats and work boots, evaluating the processes and workflows of various construction sites. He developed multiple IoT sensor and wearable prototypes that were used by construction crews in a quarry and a road-building project. This hands-on approach with early customers and PoC deployments has helped him fine-tune the Wyzelink solution for mass deployment.

Portrait of Brian Barry

Brian Barry, CEO

Brian spent many years in the big corporate world within the telecommunications industry, most recently as the CEO of Ericsson N.A, as well as at technology startups as an investor and Board member, helping them grow to successful exits. Brian brings valuable experience in scaling technology companies and building strong industry partnerships.